Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm
Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm

Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm

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H5040 (WiFi Gateway+3*Sensors)

H5054 (5*Sensors)

Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensor 3-Pack, 100dB Adjustable Alarm and App Alerts, Leak and Drip Alert with Email, Detector for Home, Basement(Does Not Support 5G Wi-Fi).

  • Stay Informed: Instant alerts in the app and on your phone.
  • Fix Leaks Faster: Assisted by loud alarm and mute button.
  • Protect Your Home: Convenient probes detect water dripping from pipes.
  • Additional Coverage: Pair up to 10 sensors with your gateway.
  • High Performance Anywhere: IP66 waterproof for areas with higher moisture.

The product will ship 1 business day after purchase, and delivery will take 2-7 business days. All orders will be dispatched from our CA warehouse.

We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ersin ULUK

super. I love it

Govee water sensors

Water leak sensors work through a wifi gateway included with the set.
Easy to set up and add more sensors. I separately bought 5 more (just sensors).
Very reliable and convenient. You get a notification in seconds from the app, whenever a sensor detects water (drip or leak on the floor). The message tells which sensor was activated.
You may integrate this with a wifi shut off valve to avoid water damage.
Highly recommend this product.

Fred Holliss
Hardware works well, app software could use a bit of improvement

I got the 8-pack of sensors with a hub. All the sensors worked when I tested them, both with a few drops of water on the top surface, and when placed on a wet surface. The three that came with the hub were pre-authorized, the five in a separate box were easy enough to add. Each of them sent a warning when tested, even after placed them in situ, eg behind the washer etc.

There were a couple of things though: I had to manually sharpie onto each device its unique code, because there is no other way to identify which is which, and the only way to determine that is by setting off the alarm and then checking the app. And the software could use improvement - you can assign a device to a room (eg laundry, bathroom, etc) but when you get a notification, it only tells you the code for the device, it does not also tell you the room it is assigned to. You have to manually look up the code and figure out which room it is in.

In practice, not a problem if you are in the house and can hear the alarm, but a bit of a concern if you are not. Fortunately that is easily fixed. I wanted to give a 5-star review, but gave it a 4 in anticipation of a rapid software update to address this problem.

A wish-list item would be a way to monitor the battery level of each sensor. They will make an alarm noise when the battery is low, but it would be nice to be able to see that level in the phone app, especially if planning to be away for a while and can’t be there to hear the physical beep. Overall a solid product let down by software - but that can be fixed with an app update.

Justin Drost
Wifi water alarms

Arrived quick after ordered. Easy to install the app and install the devices. Tested all 3 sensors and all worked as expected. No complaints as of yet!

John Maitland
Wifi water sensors

Really pleased with water sensors. Tested them out and they work extremely well. It gives us peace of mind. Very reasonable price and we can also get a reduction in our insurance coverage. Ca-Govee is an excellent company with great products. Thanks!