Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&
Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24&

Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24'-32' PCs

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Model: H604B

The future of lighting is here with G1. With four specialized game-match modes, G1 makes your gameplay feel more epic, whether you're a casual gamer or a professional esports player.

  • Seamlessly Capture Every Color: Suitable for most professional gaming monitors.
  • Industry-Leading Design: 1.5x more powerful than normal light strips.
  • 4 Specialized Game Modes: Storyline, Competition, Shoot, and Racing.
  • Two-Way Audio Visualizer: Reacts to the speaker or headphone audio.
  • App Features: Pair your other Govee lights with Dreamview G1.


The product will ship 1 business day after purchase, and delivery will take 2-7 business days. All orders will be dispatched from our CA warehouse.

We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for Govee DreamView G1 Gaming Light For 24'-32' PCs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Great Backlight System!

The system was easy to install and one of the things I was dreading the most, which was the pairing and calibration process through the Govee? App surprisingly, was very easy to do! I had absolutely no issues installing and getting the lights to work. Tonight I will be submerging myself even deeper in gaming! Let's do thisssssssss!!!

Kostiantyn C.
Best ambient light

Very bright and saturated, I'm very pleased with its performance. Tried Corsair LS100 before and it's night and day performance wise.

I was able to attach it to Samsung Neo G7 with 1000R curvature and it holds! But there is a weird design flaw - Gover used a very strong spring between the camera parts and it's as strong as a garage door one. Due to that the camera constantly pulls it off from adhesive and I kept re-installing it every day. Eventually I was fed up and removed the spring completely. Not sure why that is needed there at all. At least with curved monitor it doesn't work well.

Brendan D
Very colorful

They��re bright and very colorful. They��re particularly good at vivid bright neon colors.

Less good at subtlety, and a couple of notable limitations: they can��t do black (ie they don��t turn down/off when the screen is dark) and they can��t do white (you end up with a light blue or pink depending on your color balance). They��re quite mislead by a reflective or bright surface below the monitor, and they recommend draping a cloth over anything like that, but really, that seems like a stretch.

I have some curves on the back of my monitor and one of the corners has peeled off. That��s on me though, I knew that was a risk and the instructions are very clear about it. And it really makes no difference since it��s behind the monitor.

At the end of the day though, despite the limitations above, they still look really cool. There��s a lot to play with in the app too. A near unlimited number of effects to try from the community. That��s a pretty neat feature.

Jonathan Perez
Great product and easy to setup.

East setup. Make gaming much better and easier on the eyes.

B Wallis
Fantastic product

I have a few GOVEE products that I have really loved and I actually use these behind my curved Dell 34-inch monitor so there is some significant overlap here. Unlike the GOVEE lightbars or the gaming lights I got separately for my other computer setup, there is no camera above the screen to coordinate the light colors in response to the colors on the screen which is perfectly fine. I didn��t get these for that purpose. Just realize these are not designed to do that.
I love the fact that these throw a lot of light and create a great ambiance in my workspace. My only gripe is that the adhesive began to fail after a few weeks but I think this may have something to do with the dust on the top half of the monitor��I brushed this off before installing but I should really have cleaned it with some rubbing alcohol and a swab before installing the upper brackets.
You could really create a more festive atmosphere if you sync them with the music but I��m not holding regular parties in my office so have not yet needed this feature��yet.