GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro
GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro

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Model:  H7133

Keep your space warm during the coldest winters with our GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro. Adjust the heater's position to sit or stand for optimal and reliable warmth. With 2-second rapid heating, AutoReflect technology, and multiple safety features, this versatile space heater will make your winters feel more comfortable.

  • Efficient & Fast Heating: Uses a 1500W PTC ceramic heating system with auto and 3 heating modes. Place upright or lying down to heat up in just 2 seconds. Ideal for spaces up to 236ft², including bedrooms, basements, garages, and living rooms.
  • Automatic Constant Temperature: The built-in sensor supports a thermostat display function. Connect to a GoveeLife thermometer or hygrometer to accurately reflect the ambient temperature for more automatic, intelligent, accurate, and stable monitoring.
  • App & Voice Control: Connect your smart heater to the app and control it remotely for preheating indoors. Use voice assistants such as Alexa, Google, and Siri to switch heating modes via touchless voice control. Note: 5G Wi-Fi not supported.
  • Multiple Safety Protection: Made of V-0 flame retardant material with multiple safety features, including tipping protection, overheating protection, 24H automatic powering off, and child lock, promoting a safe and comfortable heating experience.
  • Quiet Heating: The working sound of the space heater is less than 45dB when operating in low mode. Control the space heater's RGB night light through the app using multiple light modes to add more colors. Sleep peacefully during cold winters.
  • Supported GoveeLife Thermo-Hygrometer Models: H5075, H5179, H5100, H5074, H5174, H5102, H5051, H5052, H5071, H5072, H5101, H5177, H5103, H5106 and B5178.

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We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kevin Leung
A good heater with smartness

It’s a good heater. Heats well and has good WiFi. Only issue, for me, is the angle of oscillation and yeah, it also cannot switch the display to Celsius on the heater.

norm mcmahon
smart space heater pro

works great--good heat--easy to set up--very happy--thank you

Amazing product


Travis Butchart
So far, only ok.

One glaring issue is that you can not change the temperature to Celsius on the front panel of the unit it will always display in F even if you change it to C in the app. Why?

I bought this to replace my current space heater that easily heats up my basement. The first few days I had this unit it was on for almost a solid 24h.

It doesn't move air very well, wish the fan had a higher speed.

The biggest issue I have is the temperature it thinks the room is. My other thermometers day the room is 18C, but this unit thinks it's 21-22C. I've tried placing it vertical and horizontal in different locations but it still can't accurately measure the temp. I have to purchase a separate template unit to make it work properly? Ridiculous.

I like the light and the wifi enabled features and app but honestly I wish my old space heater was working and I didn't have to buy this.


Great value

The only thing that needs to be said is, don’t waste your money on a fancy Dyson. Why spend $500 when this does the job just as good if not better for a fraction of the price?