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Govee Curtain Lights, Christmas Lights, Halloween Lights, and Holiday Decor Lights add more unique holiday colors and effects to your home.
Picture of Govee LED Strip Light M1
Picture of Govee LED Strip Light M1

Govee LED Strip Light M1

Picture of Govee Neon LED Strip Light
Picture of Govee Neon LED Strip Light

Govee Neon LED Strip Light


Lighting Celebrations for Every Holiday

Lighting Celebrations for Every Holiday

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How can I get creative with outdoor Christmas lights?

Getting creative with Christmas lights outdoors can add a magical and festive touch to your holiday decor. Here are some creative ideas to help you make your outdoor space shine:Traditional Light Strings: Use traditional string lights to outline the roof, windows, and doors of your house. Use different colors or shapes of bulbs to create a unique pattern.Garden and Tree Lighting: Wrap trees and shrubs with lights for a twinkling forest effect, or hang string lights vertically from tree branches for a cascading effect.Lighted Pathways: Another idea for outdoor lights for Christmas is to line your driveway or walkway with Govee Outdoor Pathway Lights to guide guests to your door.Spotlight Accents: Use spotlights to highlight key elements of your outdoor display, such as a beautifully decorated tree, a nativity scene, or a focal point decoration. Choose Govee Outdoor Spot Lights with multiple RGBIC light effects for a dynamic vibe.

How can I preserve my exterior Christmas lights for next year?

To preserve exterior Xmas lights for next year, carefully check each strand for frayed wires or broken bulbs before storing. Replace any damaged components to ensure safety and functionality. Next, loosely coil each strand and store them in a cool, dry place to prevent tangling and protect them from moisture and extreme temperatures.

How can I use a timer for my outdoor Christmas lights?

To set up a timer for your outside Xmas lights, plug the timer into an outdoor electrical outlet, followed by your Christmas lights into the timer's outlet. Next, set the timer to turn the external Xmas lights on and off at your desired times. Alternatively, you can use the timer function on the Govee Christmas Lights through Govee Home App.